Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magnolia Sudului

In plin inceput de iunie un arbore cu frunze ce nu se vestejesc iarna, asemenea bradului, infloreste inclinand niste flori enorme de forma nufarului.
Frunzele sunt identice cu cele ale Ficusului.
Arborele Southern Magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora) este originar in regiunile subtropicale si tropicale din SUA.(Florida, Carolina de Sud) isi are habitatul in zonele umed. mlastinoase.
Am surprins cateva imagini menite sa va transmita stare de beatitudine florala :


Natalie said...

Dear Florin,

This is my best memory of Charleston from May-July! The magnolia is a lovely flower and so aromatic. I think that it smells like a waft of lemon meringue pie when you walk's my favorite dessert, too! They are all over the peninsula and the flowers are huge.

I wrote a poem about them a few years remind me of home...which I share with my students when I teach them about the "friendliest city in America."

Magnolia Grandiflora

Turn my head in the Maytime
Sweet lemon creme pie
When thick leaves bow down
to the suffocating air

Oh Magnolia, grand and sure
Beckon me from distant shores
Stay my conscience, take me back
In the Maytime,turn my head.

O zi buna!


cibinensis said...

Thanks Natalie. You re a great person and I hope the Romanians will not forget you !


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