Friday, September 18, 2015

Dating, Lies and Money

Not long time ago I met an over 50 years old lady. She found out I'm freelance journalist and she wants me to write about her story.
Coming from other country, feeling lonely she jumped on the well-known dating site
Egna thought she found a nice man. They started to chat and exchanged the words of a possible romance.
He played the victim of distressing issues in his life: very sick kids and in need of funds for helping them.
The guy pretended to be a German origin and spoke the language of the true love, of the man who pretended to had found his match. Egna didn t hesitate one moment and sent the guy a substantial amount of over 6 thousands dollars.
It was too late when the poor lady realized the guy was a professional thief and she got scammed.
She felt bad, hurt, humiliated. It took a while until she decided to file complaints with IC3. Nobody contacted her and she believes the site it s just there for nothing. She lost the hope in any possibilty of having money back.
She contacted as well the Local Police Department, but it was too late.
She gave me the right to publish the guy's picture and his name. Maybe there are not real, but this message in the bottle could prevent other scams. The guy pretended to be from Wisconsin and his name is Christopher K Meader.

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