Saturday, August 3, 2013

MEMO. Best Trans DC and NVA, MD area point

As some of you have requested, you are welcome to place advertisement in our newsletter and social media -
a monetary gift of your choice towards my charity effort would be greatly appreciated 


We have already started our package collection and 1/3 of the truck filled in one day. Please keep in mind, packages will leave in the order they have been received.

Please re-send the BestTrans Terms&Conditions to all your contacts (especially the new ones) it can saves time and frustration on both sides. Thank you!
You can also order things to BestTrans from anywhere in the world and we ship them to the below mentioned countries.
Air freight is offered ONLY out of Detroit (
DC area door-to-door packages collection point

please remember that this is a VOLUNTEER collection point serving the Romanian community and I do NOT work for money but for BestTrans's goodwill to ship care packages to help the needy in Romania. Your courtesy is appreciated.
·         Voluntary insurance= 5% of amount you would like to insure
·  ALWAYS call first and provide time of your arrival/call if that time cannot be kept
·  no delivery after 7:00 PM and on weekends (exceptions are made on a case by case basis)
·  park ONLY in front of garage
·  use cart if needed - take pathway on left of garage and come to the back of the house
·  pack tightly (any container acceptable)
·  40 lbs MINIMUM to ONE address/max 80 lbs for one package
·  packages over 80 lbs are $1.50/lb
·  seal package well and label w/Romanian address and phone number
·  PLEASE bring packages READY for shipment
·  any questions/comments after they leave my collection point should be directed with receipt number ONLY to WWW.BestTrans.rocustomer service and NOT to me
·  fee depends on volume as well: if (L x H x W) : 166 exceeds weight, it will be that amount x cost/lb
·  delivery time+ 6-8 weeks from the time it leaves my collection point
·  ROMANIA $1.25/lb some fees may apply for electronics (new or old) etc. /please ask first!
·  Rep Moldova/Serbia/Hungary/Bulgaria: $1.60/lb
·  England $1.75'lb
·   there is NO service to other countries and no shipment from RO to the US
·         The BestTrans collection point is NOT a Bazar - prices/fees are NOT negotiable

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